50 MC per pilot for screenshot of a winning FW drop. And... GO! -------------- Focus fire: Call target - give Alpha designation, and chassis, and MARK it. --------------
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HeadHunters of Davion

mwo.enjin.com  -  HeadHunters of Davion Regimental Combat Team.
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We are the HeadHunters of Davion, formally the 1st HeadHunters of Davion Regimental Combat Team. Our In-Game Tag is [HHoD].

We are a MechWarrior unit affiliated with House Davion, with a history that stretches back to the very first online incarnations of Battletech/MechWarrior. The HeadHunters have fought proudly for House Davion for the last two decades and that tradition continues today with the newest MechWarrior title, MechWarrior Online.

We take pride in having a very relaxed, friendly, and mature, semi-militaristic environment. We play our drops in an organized and disciplined manner in our first regiment, and more laid-back and casual over in 2nd regiment.. We enjoy developing our own tactics and information about the game. We have a wide range of pilots from all over the world and also a wide range of ages. We participate in PGI's Community Warfare as well as the newly resurrected planetary conquest league, NBT. In both places we represent a faction of House Davion.

So if this sounds like what you're looking for, Come and have some fun with Us !