The comms course will cover the subject in more detail, this is just to give you basic information and serve as a quick refresher if you need one.

NATO phonetic alphabet must used for grid squares and target designations.

Target priority:
  • Primary: Focus fire on this, make an effort to get in range / line of fire if you don't have it already.
  • Secondary: Next in queue after the primary is dead.
  • Opportunity: Shoot if it comes into your line of fire, do not chase.
  • Priority: MUST die. Takes precedence over any other targets.
  • Designated: Specific units (either lance or tonnage class) must take the target, nobody else follows this order. Order stands until target is neutralized or drop caller orders otherwise (including new priority target).

Reporting target - or self - status:
  • Down: destroyed
  • Legged: only one leg left
  • Stripped: lost primary weapons / suffered too much damage to remain in the front line
  • Zombie: lost both sides, still a threat because of CT / head hardpoints
  • Stick: lost all weapons
  • Open: no armor on an indicated side or location ("Wide open" has been used to indicate all torso locations being open)
  • Cored: CT open and internally damaged
  • Cherry: indicated component is about to blow
  • One touch: heavily damaged, next hit should be fatal. If no component named, assume CT