Every other Friday is Training Night (9 PM EST).... Trainers will be on hand to run courses or FTXs from our Training Library... Contact CSM JimmyJetz, Lft. Will Reaper, Col. Angmar or any trainer for more details... Classes also available Saturday morning on demand (10am EST)... Unit Motto: fratres, et progressus (brothers, advancing together)
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HeadHunters of Davion

mwo.enjin.com  -  1st HeadHunters of Davion Regimental Combat Team.
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We are the HeadHunters of Davion, formally the 1st HeadHunters of Davion Regimental Combat Team. Our In-Game Tag is [HHoD].

We are a MechWarrior unit affiliated with House Davion, with a history that stretches back to the very first online incarnations of Battletech/MechWarrior. The HeadHunters have fought proudly for House Davion for the last two decades and that tradition continues today with the newest MechWarrior title, MechWarrior Online.

We take pride in having a very relaxed, friendly, and mature, semi-militaristic environment. We play our drops in an organized and disciplined manner in our first regiment, and more laid-back and casual over in 2nd regiment.. We enjoy developing our own tactics and information about the game. We have a wide range of pilots from all over the world and also a wide range of ages. We participate in PGI's Community Warfare as well as the newly resurrected planetary conquest league, NBT. In both places we represent a faction of House Davion.

So if this sounds like what you're looking for, Come and have some fun with Us !